About Us

Lightline Pilgrimages is one of the UK’s leading tour operators specializing in Christian pilgrimage, both to the Holy Land, and to many other countries rich in the history of the Christian faith and church.

Rene SivaThe Managing Director of Lightline, Rene John Siva, has worked in pilgrimage for over thirty years, and has an intimate knowledge of the countries in which we operate. Under his direction, Lightline has acquired a unique reputation for its unparalleled support of the local Christian communities of Palestine and Israel, which has made it the pilgrimage operator of choice for church leaders both in Britain and the United States.

our partnersLightline’s commitment to the local Christians of the Holy Land led to it being appointed the Official and Preferred Pilgrimage Partner of the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem by Bishop Suheil Dawani in November 2013. No other pilgrimage operator has ever been accorded a similar honour, and Lightline is honoured to have been singled out in this way.


When you travel with Lightline in the Holy Land, we have made it a top priority to work with Christian business partners, and it is our aim whenever possible, to ensure that every pound spent on behalf of our clients in the Holy Land goes to support Christian concerns - hotels, tour companies, guides, coach companies, restaurants, etc.

Further a field, we have extensive experience of carrying pilgrims to Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Spain, Malta, Poland and Russia, and are always happy to discuss new itineraries with clergy or other tour leaders.